Guaranteed Asset Protection

Want to sleep better at night knowing that your loan balance will be paid in full if your vehicle, RV or motorcycle is totalled or stolen? Then, GAP is what you need.

In the event of a loss, here's how GAP works:

  • GAP may pay the difference between how much your insurance company will pay (generally the current "Cash Value" of the vehicle), and your outstanding loan balance. In some cases, that "gap" could be substantial, and you're liable for the difference.
  • GAP may pay you an additional $1000 toward the purchase of a replacement vehicle, as long as you finance your replacement vehicle at Embark Credit Union within 90 days of your insurance settlement.
  • GAP is very affordable and the premium can be rolled into your loan payment.  Additionally, coverage is available up to 125% of the MSRP or NADA value; up to a maximum loss of $50,000.

So, protect yourself and your good credit with GAP. You'll sleep better at night.