Virtual Townhall Meeting Questions and Answers

Embark Virtual Town Hall Meeting Member Questions and Answers

April 19, 2022, 6 PM


Does Horizon support Quicken, and will the merger affect online access to the program?

Yes, Quicken and QuickBooks.  There will be a brief period of time when Embark’s online service will stop and before Horizon’s online service will start.  During that short interval you will not be able to access this service.  There will be more information provided in the Transition Guide that will be mailed out the first part of June.


Where is the physical “home” for Horizon and what are the four states where you have branches?

Horizon is chartered in the state of Washington and the home office is in Spokane, WA.  We have administrative staff in three states which are Washington, Idaho, and Montana.  We have branches in Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon.


Will the Embark member account numbers change?  If yes, will I have to change all my automatic payments out of my checking account myself or will the CU be able to automatically change them to the new account number?

Yes, the account number will change but most automatic deposits, direct deposits, automatic debits, or payments should be automatically recognized and mapped to the new member account number with Horizon.  You should not have to go in and update this information, but your bill vendor may require you to update your information.  Our goal is to minimize disruption to our members.


Will we be receiving new checks, debit, and credit cards?

Yes, you will receive new checks, and new cards.  You will be able to continue using your Embark checks for a period of time.  You will receive new debit and credit cards before the conversion weekend and more detailed information in the transition guide in June.  Horizon wants to make this as member friendly as possible.



If I just ordered checks, and they are personal checks, will I still be able to use Harland Clark?

Yes, any checks that you currently clear through your Embark account should clear through your Horizon account as well for a period of time.  There will be details in the Transition Guide mailed to members in June.


I have heard the word “values” spoken many times thus far.  Can you define what “values” this merger brings together for both Horizon and Embark customers, should the vote be positive?

When we changed our name from Great Falls Teachers Federal Credit Union to Embark Credit Union, our mission was to be able to assist members through their financial journey from beginning to end.  Over time, we realized that we have not been able to successfully delivery on that mission.  With a good partner, this mission is possible.

Horizon’s tagline is “Your Path, Our Purpose,” and it signifies they are invested in providing what is right for their members and employees.  Their tagline summarizes their mission statement and their core values.

Both credit unions core values are remarkably similar and ultimately, Embark will be able to deliver on the mission they envisioned.  Together, members will benefit from innovative technology, advanced products and services, convenient financing, more loan options, expertise in cyber security, and expanded career and skill development opportunities for staff.    


 If I have life insurance with CUNA, will I be able to continue that?

Yes.  Horizon offers TruStage Insurance products through Cuna Mutual Group as well as retirement and investment products through fully licensed financial planners and advisors.


How do you plan to keep the person-centered culture that was established with the Teacher’s Credit Union through this next stage of growth?  Sometimes bigger is not better.

Embark’s culture of being person-centered was a continuation of the culture initiated with Great Falls Teachers Credit Union.  Over the years, there has been growth and along with growth comes growing pains.  But growth is essential for survival and health.  Embark has done its best to maintain a person-centered culture.  With Horizon, the same staff that you have built these relationships with will still be here, you will still be able to come in and call.  Many of the values will be the same as they have always been.

In addition, Horizon believes it helps to have scale to be able to invest in people and technology that will enhance the member experience, not just for now but in the future. 


Please speak to Embark's representation on Horizon's Board going forward.  When will the current Embark Board be dissolved?

If the member vote is positive, Embark’s Board of Directors will be dissolved on August 1, 2022, and the Horizon Board will be the legal board of the credit union.  The legal Merger Agreement with Horizon includes a provision for an Embark Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board will consist of three current Embark board members and Deb Evans, CEO.  The roll of this Board is to ensure that the terms of the Merger Agreement are carried out and to represent Embark members for the 18 months post-merger.  Embark members can always apply for open Board positions on the Horizon Board.  


Will the emphasis be Automated Banking or Teller Machines instead of being able to work with an employee?

Horizon does employ automated tellers and ITM’s as a component of traditional bank branch operations along with tellers, member service representatives, and loan officers.  More members continue to want 24/7 access and service.  Horizon provides mobile and online banking services as well as an internal member help center that is open 12 hours a day.   Members can choose how they prefer to obtain service.


Do you have paper ballots at the Embark Credit Union on River Drive?

Yes, they are located at both branches at the teller line.  You can also vote online no later than May 5, 2022.  Paper ballots must be received by the third-party administrator, CU Ballot, no later than May 5, 2022.