Fee Schedule

Journey Checking Service Fees

Journey Checking Service Fees

ECO Account No charge with e-statements; $7.00 for paper statement
PEAK Account $7.00 per month
PINNACLE Account No charge to age 65 & above
Fresh Start Checking $10.00 per month
VENTURE Business Account $15.00 per month
Check Cashing Fee $5.00 per check for members 18 & over with less than $100 in savings and no other products/services
Copy of Check $5.00 each
Copy of Statement $5.00 each
Overdraft/NSF item $30.00 per presentment
Deposit Item Return $20.00 per presentment
Stop Payment $25.00 per item
Stop Payment
(consecutive item series)
Account Reconcilement/Research $30.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)
Courtesy Checks
(4 Checks) 
$5.00 per page
EFT Check by Phone $10.00

ATM, Debit, and Credit Card Fees

ATM, Debit, and Credit Card Fees

(Vendor Surcharge May Apply)                              
No charge at Embark-owned ATMs
$2.50 for non-Embark ATMs
No fee for PEAK and PINNACLE
Checking Account holders on non-Embark ATMs
Replacement Card

$15.00 each

Rush Fee


VISA Late Payment Fee

Individual Retirement Account Fees

Individual Retirement Account Fees

IRA Early Withdrawal
(before age 59½)
IRA Account Closing Fee
(before age 70½)
Loan Fees

Loan Fees

Consumer Loan Late Fee

20% of finance charge
Minimum: $30
Maximum: $60

Mortgage Loan Late Fee                5% of payment
General Account Fees

General Account Fees

Membership Closure Fee
(less than 12 months)       


Collection Items $25.00 per item
Wire Transfer within U.S. $20.00
Wire Transfer outside U.S. $45.00
Incoming Wire Transfer within U.S. No charge
Incoming Wire Transfer outside U.S. $45.00
Notary No charge for members
$10 per Signature Witnessed for Non-Members
Skip a Payment $35.00 per eligible loan
Bill Payer - Copy of Checks $5.00
Bill Payer - Stop Payments $25.00
Garnishment/Levy Processing $75.00
Inactive Account $10 per month after 24 months
Official Check $3.00 per check
Return Mail $5.00 per month

Holiday Savings
(Penalty for early withdrawal)

WINcentive Savings
(Penalty for early withdrawal)
1st withdrawal - $10.00
2nd withdrawal - $20.00