Embark Member Update - May 11, 2020

Thank you for your patience as we work through obstacles and risks to reopen our lobbies.  As you know, Montana is now several weeks into the “Phase 1” of reopening as Governor Bullock has outlined for Montana.

We are obtaining recommended protective equipment for our offices and employees as well as trying to stock up on the necessary cleaning and disinfecting supplies.  Just like you trying to buy these items for your homes, there is a scarcity of supplies and long delivery waits.  We are supporting local businesses in our sourcing efforts.

With more freedom of movement and business resumptions, many believe there is a risk of a second wave of cases in the short term.  We have been extremely fortunate in Great Falls and Montana so far, but we need to continue to maintain caution and vigilance.   During this extended period, we have roughly 30% of our staff working from home, another 20% at the 10th Avenue S. office and the other 50% at our main office.  We maintain strict separation to avoid the potential for a cross-contamination or mass illness among our staff.  Our concern extends to our members and wanting to ensure we can keep you safe when you do come in our lobbies.

My update today is that we do not have a planned date for reopening our lobbies.  It is expected that Phase 1 may continue for several weeks and it will be several weeks before we have some of the equipment and supplies.

We believe we are meeting your needs during this time and of course we will continue to do so regardless of the status of our lobbies.   During this shutdown we have been working on our Instant Issue of plastic cards and very shortly we will be able to help you get new or replacement cards almost in an instant- no 7 to 10 days waiting- even if the lobbies are closed. Please contact me directly if you have questions or concerns. I am happy to hear from members any time.   You can contact me at 406-791-2861 or deb.evans@embarkcu.com.

Look for regular updates on our website or via email notification.

Deb Evans