Embark Member Update - February 20, 2021

A Member Update from the CEO, Deb Evans- February 20, 2021

Greetings!  No weather jokes or comments from me this week as I suspect most of us are just looking forward to spring.  I have a few news items and updates to share.

10th Lobby Opening

Next Monday, February 22 we will open the 10th Avenue South Lobby for appointments.  Teller transactions will continue to be drive-thru only.   So, both lobby offices will be open for appointments while teller transactions continue in the drive-thru lanes.


The statewide mask requirement has been lifted.  In Cascade County, masks are still required.  In our offices staff and members will need to continue wearing masks. Alternatively, I suggest the drive-thru or our online services.  If you arrive without a mask, we will be happy to provide one for you.

There are many encouraging signs all around us. New cases reported have been very low in Cascade County for several weeks and now the vaccination process is ramping up.  We look forward to resuming full services soon if trends remain good.  It has been a pleasure to see some of you in the main office again over the last month.

New ATMs

I said no weather comments, but the weather delayed the installation of our new ATMs at both offices. They were successfully installed last Thursday and Friday. I apologize for inconvenience you may have encountered with temporarily closed drive-thru lanes or the lack of a working ATM.   You will be happy with the improved and increased functionality.

Annual Meeting/Board of Directors

The 85th Annual Membership Meeting will be held on April 20.  Stay tuned for details as to the format and location.   We are working on this now.  As a reminder, there are two board positions up for election.  The Nominating Committee has recommended the two incumbents for this upcoming election.  Interested parties can still inquire and pursue board positions via a petition process.  Please contact me for more information if you have an interest.  Even if there is no interest currently, I am happy to discuss it with members for future positions.   My direct number is 406.791.2861.


If you are in the market or thinking of being in the market for new wheels, check with us first.  If you were not thinking of being in the market, now may be an ideal time to change your mind.  Our best loan rate is now below 1.00% APR.  Of course, some restrictions apply, and the final rate is based on credit scores, but you might be able to find a great rate and some excellent terms.  This a promotional rate and will apply for a limited time.   Call one of our lenders at 406.727.7300- Kirby, Amy and Bonnie are waiting to hear from you.