Member Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we merging?
Member Frequently Asked Questions

We want to be here for the long term, to serve our members for years to come. In a highly competitive and rapidly evolving landscape, it became clear the best way to achieve this goal was to find one or more partners that share our vision and culture for long term success. This merger of two independently strong credit unions gives you, our member, the benefits of a large-scale organization, via better products and services, more branches across four states including Montana, and other advantages that strengthen our ability to compete.

Who is Horizon? Why did we choose them?

Horizon, founded in 1947 to support the financial needs of aluminum workers in eastern Washington, has maintained a strong commitment to placing members’ needs first for 73 years. They have proactively addressed changes in the financial world while continuing to offer competitive rates, friendly service, and the latest technologies. Horizon is based out of Spokane, WA and currently has twenty-nine branches in Washington, Montana, Idaho, and eastern Oregon.

It was a priority to find a credit union that aligns with our culture and values. Horizon Credit Union is a great fit for us, and we align on many aspects including a focus on member service.

Why a non-Montana credit union?

Horizon has been serving Montana since 2012 with branches in Missoula, Butte, and soon opening in Bozeman in the first quarter of 2022. They have a large fourteen county charter in Montana. With our Great Falls locations, our members will gain five additional branches in Western Montana as well as top- of-the-line technology for digital services. Horizon Credit Union recognizes the value of our market, understands our combined strength of culture, values, financial strengths, and maintains a strong commitment to members. This was critical for our Board of Directors.

How will this benefit me?

Our members will see immediate benefits after the completed merger. You will have full access at any of the more than 30 Horizon branches across Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana as well as more ATM locations.

Horizon has a wider suite of products and services that will appeal to Embark members including Investment products and services and an expanding slate of electronic services.

Embark members will also benefit from an internal member contact center staffed by Horizon employees as the Embark outsourced solution was less than ideal.

When is this happening?

Nothing is changing right now. Both credit union Boards have signed an agreement to move forward. Internally, we are developing plans to integrate the two organizations once regulatory and membership

approvals are obtained. Embark members will receive informational updates and eventually a detailed transition packet outlining the process. Both organizations will continue to serve members as usual.

Will we have the same people in the branches?

Yes. Our employees are key to our relationships with you and Horizon Credit Union will be keeping all our employees. We do not anticipate any changes in staff, and you should see the same faces and receive the attentive service to which you are accustomed.

Where can I find more information?

You can look on our website at as we will continue to add to this list of FAQs as we receive them from you.

Will both of our Embark branches remain open?

Yes. Our branches will continue to be open and will be part of Horizon’s branch network within their 4- state branch system.

Are we changing our name?

Yes. Embark will become Horizon Credit Union. External building signage at both branches will indicate “Embark Branch” below the Horizon name.

Next Up: Answers to these questions, and more, will be coming soon.

  • What will happen to my products and services?

  • Will I get a new member number?

  • Will Fees change?

  • What will happen to my direct deposits and automatic payments?

  • What will happen to my loan payments?