Welcome to Embark

When we say “Welcome to Embark”, we mean it. We roll out the welcome mat the day you open your account and continue that welcome with every day that follows.

So, let’s start by rolling out a video message from our President/CEO, Deb Evans.

Now, let’s roll right into Online and Mobile Banking.  We hope you’ve had the opportunity to log-in and see everything that’s available to you.  If you haven’t and you need assistance, please let us know. We’re here to help.  And, if you need assistance with setting up direct deposit or any automatic payments, we can help with that too.

We want things to continue to roll along smoothly, so we’ve provided some great resources to help you in every stage of life in our Financial Resource Center.  You’ll find tools and information on everything from teaching your kids about money, to buying the right car, to planning for retirement. And, if you feel the need for a little more guidance, we have Certified Financial Counselors to assist you at both Embark offices.

Remember…the welcome mat is always out. We’re so glad you’re here.