Important Debit / ATM Card Information

Important Information Regarding Your Debit or Debit ATM Card

Card Activation                                              (800) 411-6390

Outside the US and Canada                         (206) 352-4950 collect

Card Activation website                      

After Hours Lost/Stolen                                (800) 682-6075

Outside the US and Canada                         (206) 352-4950 collect

Lost/Stolen website                             

Pin Change by Phone                                   (877) 746-6746

Transaction Assistance                                (888) 526-0404

Fraud Center Verification                              If fraud is suspected on your card, you may be receive a text or phone call to verify activity on your card. The text message will come from Fraud Center #32874. The phone call will come from Fraud Center #1-800-417-4592.  You will be asked to call this number back to verify activity on your card.