Explorers Club Account

 Youth 12 and under are invited to come on along as we explore 'all things great' about money. An Explorers Club savings account will open up all these fun opportunities and more!

  • Explorers Club Newsletter - Explorers will look forward to receiving a newsletter every quarter filled with fun money games, the "Money on the Bookshelf" book of the quarter, information about upcoming Explorers events and so much more! 
  • Explorers "Money on the Bookshelf" Reading Program - Learning about money is fun with the "Money on the Bookshelf" Program. Explorers will learn good saving and spending habits, all while sharpening their reading skills.  The real bonus comes with a $25 deposit to their Explorers Club Savings Account for completing all 10 "Money on the Bookshelf" books, along with the answer sheets.    
  • Explorers Birthday Club - We all like to be celebrated, and that's what we want to do with our young Explorers! Each year, in their birthday month, Explorers will receive a birthday postcard that invites them to bring the postcard into one of our offices and we'll deposit $5 into their Explorers Club Savings Account.  If they live out of town, or need assistance from a parent or guardian, a simple phone call will do.      
  • Explorers Savings Club - It's never too early to establish good savings habits. Rather than a sock or piggy bank, put that Birthday or Christmas cash in your Explorers Savings Account!